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(Code: CPS-P782-005)
£ 45.00
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A low caustic haze remover from CPS that is used for automatic and manual cleaning of your screen meshes. CPS Quick Haze is a low caustic ink and stain remover for manual and automatic screen de-hazing for screen printers.
Using this in an automatic machine ensures that the product performs to its full potential and recirculated to make the cleaning process more sustainable. Similar to is family member, Haze remover HV, this quick haze version can remove ink, diazo and emulsion stains from the screen mesh without the need to dry first.

Label: Corrosive
Low caustic level
Flashpoint: 70°C (158°F)

* Fast acting
* Low caustic
* Effective on all ink types

* Increased productivity
* Safer for the customer
* One product fits all

Pyramid Screen Products endorse best industry practice that operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling all chemical products, even those classified as 'non-hazardous'. PPE for CPS Products includes gloves and safety glasses/goggles.
Please request full Safety Data Sheet for full protection information.

Available in 5Kg container size