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Screen Printing Emulsion

Find the Best Emulsion for Screen Printing at Pyramid

We selected for you the best screen printing emulsions available on the market: Chromaline and CPS dual cure emulsions are available amongst many other types.

As the UK's leading supplier of Screen Printing supplies, we provide all types of emulsion to professional users and beginners: Diazo, Chromaline Dual Cure and Polymer screen emulsions are usable for all print applications. Still, it is important to pick the right screen emulsion depending on its final use.

  • Available in US Quarts, 1lt, US Gallon and 5lt pot size

Which Screen Printing Emulsion should I use?

We keep getting asked "which screen emulsion to use?" as we offer quite a few different brands on our website. Screen emulsions are all chosen specifically by us to reproduce the vest best in print definition, resolution, long life and easy removal after use. But they are suited to varying types of screen printers.

In our opinion, if you are exposing with fluorescent light tubes or a 400 watt spotlight lamp, a hobbiest printer, a school or college, or a manual carousel printer, printing wate rbased, plastisol or solvent based inks, then either of the following two emulsions will be ideally suited to you:

  • CPS Ultracoat
  • 535 CPS Ultracoat 200

If you need further information, you can always contact our team and we will gladly help you to find the right emulsion.

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