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£ 9,995.00
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The FREEStyler DTS is the worlds first truly affordable Computer to Screen solution with a UK list price of only £9,995.00

Using a low cost disposable Ink jet printer cartridge design with a specially developed ‘UV-Block’ black ink for enhanced UV density (DMAX > 3.5 UV), the FREEStyler frees Screen Printers from having to use costly Film Positives. Instead the image or stencil is digitally printed directly on a normal emulsion coated screen. 

After imaging the screen is ready for immediate exposure without the need for a glass or vacuum and the water based ink washes off quickly and easily along with the unexposed emulsion.

FREEStyler is configurable with 1,2 or 4 disposable print cartridges that can be swapped out in seconds. Each cartridge is capable of producing 50-100 or more ‘typical’ T-Shirt images, translating to production and running costs of about 70p per screen.

The FREEStyler supports Screen frames up to 915mm x 660mm with a 735mm x 508mm maximum imaging area on screen.

The FREEStyler comes complete with the SCREENMAKER RIP,
a special version of the FilmMaker RIP software from CADLink Technologies. SCREENMAKER incorporates optional  ‘in RIP’ separations and allows for direct printing from your favourite Graphics applications as well as a ‘Drag & Drop’ print option. Images can be positioned digitally relative to the Screen Frame size via SCREENMAKER’s Template function and registration accuracy is guaranteed via FREEStyler’s specially designed Tri-lock based Screen clamping system which is compatible with both standard and pin registered (MHM and Newman Roller) frames.