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(Code: LPT-20-24-TL)
Size : 20" X 24"
Unit : TOOL
£ 45.00
Part One of the three part equation is the Panel Frame. A great design that allows the user to hold a minimum quantity of frames in stock, both saving cost and space, yet allowing the ability to still produce high quality prints.

Part Two is the Panel Mesh itself which is available in multiple mesh counts. These pre-made mesh panels can be applied and taken off from the panel frames many times. If you are printing a "one colour image" and you wish to save this image, it's simple, make your stencil, print your job, clean your mesh, unclip the panel mesh from the frame, roll it up and store it away until you need it again.

Part Three is the Panel Frame Tool. Without this, you cannot use parts One and Two. Once you've got the tool, it works on all sizes of Panel Frames. It's multi-purpose in both applying and removing the panel mesh from the frames.

Overall, a great system that saves space, time and money, giving you complete control.
Code Size  Unit  Price   
LPT-20-24-TL  20" X 24"  TOOL  £ 45.00 Details
LPT-23-31-TL  23" X 31"  TOOL  £ 45.00 Details