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(Code: PSP6007-005)
£ 35.00
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Pyramid Alkaline paste is a strong alkaline paste for cleaning anddegreasing screen meshes. It is used to remove ink, diazo and emulsion residues after stencil de-coating and ink removal from screenwashes. Pyramid Alkaline paste if used incorrectly, can damage screen mesh. Always adhere to the user guide lines in both how to use and what to wear.
Pyramid Alkaline paste is corrosive. We advise that the use of chemical splash proof eye wear/glasses/goggles/face visor and solvent resistant rubber hand gloves be used, along with a Chemical protective apron or other clothing.
To minimise exposure to airborne chemicals always rinse the screens with low pressure water first in a downward motion, before using any high pressure washer. We recommend reading user guide before use.

* Very Fast acting alkaline paste
* Effective on all ink types

* Increased productivity
* One product fits all

Pyramid Screen Products endorse best industry practice that operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling all chemical products, even those classified as 'non-hazardous'. PPE for PYRAMID Products includes gloves and safety glasses/goggles.
Please request full Safety Data Sheet for full protection information.

Available in 5Kg container size