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(Code: 64-92-120-34-Y)
Mesh : 120-34
Color : Yellow Mesh
£ 20.00
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Here at Pyramid, we have our own in-house stretching facility with somewhere in the region of 300 pneumatic mesh stretching clamps

We don't like multi-stretching frames so focus purely on stretching each frame individually. (If the frames are below a certain size, this is not achievable, so multi stretch is the only way)
But based on the sizes quoted here or above, each frame is stretched individually and a "5 point" measurement system is used to ensure that we give you a high quality stretch.

For special tension requests or various frame requests, please contact us.

For all re-stretching, we require you to send your frames back to us. Once we've received them, we work on a 3 - 5 day turn-around on all stretching. This ensures you get a high quality stretched product.

Keep your screen mesh like new after printing with one of the best Screen Cleaning Chemicals available today.

Code Mesh  Color  Price   
64-92-120-34-Y  120-34  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-43-80-W  43-80  White Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-43-80-Y  43-80  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-55-64-W  55-64  White Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-55-64-Y  55-64  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-62-64-W  62-64  White Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-62-64-Y  62-64  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-77-55-W  77-55  White Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-77-55-Y  77-55  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy
64-92-90-48-Y  90-48  Yellow Mesh  £ 20.00 Details Buy